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Different Parts of a Watch: A Beginner’s Guide

How well do you know your watch? A watch, as simple as it may look from the outside, it has numerous components, different types of dials, bands, crowns and much more. A sophisticated watch can contain more than a thousand components while the simple everyday watch on your wrist has at least a hundred components. We are here to give you knowledge about the basic watch components so when next time you buy your watch, you have a better understanding of its components and you can choose a right watch, according to your personal taste.

Royal Watches, the provider of best watches for men in Pakistan, is here to guide you about some of the basic and essential parts of a watch that you should know about.


The first thing that attracts you is a watch dial. Digital watch shoes you the digital numeric display, while the analog watch displays the hour markers, it can either be Arabic or Roman numerals. There are various types of watch dials including the guilloche, skeleton, crosshair, enamel, and tapisserie. As they are the most expressive parts of the watch, they come in different materials, colors, textures, and styles.


It is a shiny or matt ring you see surrounding the watch dial. It keeps the watch crystal in place. The design and style of the watch affect the bezel, it can be decorative, plain, or in case of a dive watch, functional. It can either be rotatable or fixed for some functions.


Another most noticeable part of the watch is the case. It can be explained as the housing of the watch. It is made up of plastic, metal, or ceramic. The luxury watches features gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel casing. The case essentially holds the inner parts of the watch. The case comes in different textures such as polished, matte or smooth.


The crystal is like a window of a house. It allows you to see the interior and plays an important role in protecting your watch. Depending on the watch, the crystal can be made up of glass, sapphire or plastic.


It is a tiny knob on the side of a watch. It has several actions to perform such as winding a mechanical watch or stopping the watch in case to save power. Another main function of the crown is to set or change time and date. The water-resistant watches have a screw-down crown.


Pushers are often neglected by most of the users as they are not aware of its use. A pusher controls some functions of the watch such as to start and stop a chronograph. Depending on the design, it can either be one or two and placed around the watch crown.

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