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The Most Popular Rado Watches for Men

Every watch lover’s dream is to own the finest collection of Swiss-made watches. When it comes to the luxurious Swiss-made watches, Rado comes on top of the list.

A Rado watch is a combination of sophistication and class. Since 1917, when Rado made its way into the market as a luxury watchmaking company in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has redefined finesse, prestige, and success. Today, Rado watches are one of the most loved watches in the world.
Before we talk about the Rado’s best watches for men, you must know the history of this exclusive brand. Rado is not just a name of luxurious watches; they are a part of an heirloom.

What Makes Rado a Brilliant Brand?

Rado watches are utterly admirable, no matter if you are a watch lover or not. Rado has won 30 international design awards till now for innovation and unmatched precision in watchmaking. Rado Watches for men are also rare. They are only produced 500,000 each year for exclusive wrists. What makes Rado unique is its color consistency. Ceramic watches are super complicated to replicate in color. But Rado’s beautifully-designed timepieces, especially in grey and white, are very true to type.

Here are some of the most popular Rado watches for men;

Rado DiaStar 1:

The Rado DiaStar 1 made a breakthrough in 1962, and the reason it got the attention was never before had Swiss watches offered the guarantee of scratch-free watches. It was the first golden watch that added more life in a timepiece. In the following years, Rado produced some of the most iconic Swiss watches in the history of watchmaking. Rado’s innovation becomes the center of attention at the annual Baselworld and other watch exhibitions around the world.

Rado CentrixJubile aka Rado Jubile:

How can we forget the most-searched watch on the internet? It is none other than the Rado CentrixJubile. It is easily the most famous and recognized of all Rado watches. It is popular for its versatility, minimalistic design, and lightweight ceramic body, plus it tops the list for being one of the best ceramic Swiss watches.

It is a timeless piece, whether you buy it in black or white. If you are looking to own a Rado Watch or have never owned one, then the Rado Jubile would be a perfect start of the collection.

Rado R5.5

If there would be a category for exotic watches, then Rado R5.5 would be on the top of the list. It belongs to the family of Rado R5 collection. The British designer Jasper Morrison showed his excellence on Rado R5.5 and produced a bold watch that flaunts a sapphire crystal dial. It offers an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant dial window. The materials used in the making of the watch are of very high-quality. The body is made of the similar material used for healthcare equipment, heat shield on space shuttles, and F-1 Motor Racing cars.

Rado has produced numerous legendary models in the last century. It is one of the most prominent names in the watch industry, and likewise, it has a long list of most popular watches. To start, we have listed down the best three so you know which to look for when you begin your search.

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