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Will Smartwatch Replace Traditional Timepiece?

As technology is getting advanced, the devices are getting smaller. There was once an idea that smartphone will be on our wrists and soon enough we saw that idea materialize. The smartwatch emerged and took the market in an instant but will these attractive timepieces take over the traditional horology? What’s your take on this? In our opinion, it’s never going to happen and here are the reasons why:

Hi-Tech Gadget vs. Fashion Accessory

The main difference between the two is one is a hi-tech gadget while the traditional watch is a fashion accessory. Despite being stylish and providing you with all the important notifications, the smartwatch will hardly ever beat the traditional timepieces in terms of design. Where a smartwatch will stand with a mere black LCD against the sapphire or mineral crystal face of traditional timepieces? It will be a challenge for the smartwatch industry to bring elegance and class to it.

The Smartwatch Is Too Vulnerable

No matter how much we protect our beloved watches, hits and bumps are inevitable. It is a mere fact that smartwatches can’t sustain a heavy toll while the traditional timepieces are made to last. Mineral and sapphire glasses are very hard and can take years of wear and tear. The caliber and mechanism is built to take external shocks and allows them to be waterproof.

The Smartwatch Has a Very Short Battery Life

The biggest inconvenience a smartwatch has is its battery timing. As compared to the quartz watch which can run over years on a small battery and mechanical watch which doesn’t even need any power source. Today’s smartwatches can operate for a day or a few days on a full charge and it’s a real pain to keep your watch to charge now and then, this is the major drawback of smartwatch as there wouldn’t be a battery technology in near future which can supply sufficient energy to keep it running for months.

The traditional watch has a “real” dial, the smartwatch just has an LCD screen

The screens and lights can never replace the real dial. When you own a traditional watch, you own something real, real hour marks, hands, and every frill on the dial. But a smartwatch is just a digital screen displaying colors and images.


The smartwatches and traditional timepieces are different products serving different purposes, so it’s hardly a chance that one will replace another. The traditional timepieces carry the history of decades which people are willing to pay for to get hands-on a timepiece which was made years ago. We can’t compare the two as the hi-tech watches may not ever win against the traditional timepieces.

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